• Current Speakers

  • NFCP Global Summit, 4th June 2015

    • NFC & Mobile Proximity Payments
      • Current state of play, big acquisitions. Biggest Movers and shakers
    • Latest rollouts, new pilots – biggest movers and shakers
      • Europe’s largest ever commercial mobile NFC payments system
    • Double impact – Apple Pay and rise of HCE on NFC payments ecosystem
    • How important is selecting the right NFC Security Platform – Solving the big dilemma between choosing SE Vs HCE Approach
    • Tokenization – next battle frontier?
    • Biometrics: Mobile Payments’ Secret Weapon
    • Next Generation Mobile Wallets – look beyond payments and exploit its full potential – Transport, retail, access control and meal vouchers
    • Future proof retail customer experience with NFC and BLE Beacons BLE (Bluetooth low Energy) to engage retail customers
    • Can Retailers improve the efficiency of loyalty programmes with Mobile Wallet ?
    • Future of NFC Wearable payments
    • Mobile isn’t the only medium, how about watches, wrist bands and more ?
    • Standards update from EMVCo & GlobalPlatform, NFC Forum
    • Establishing an interoperable Smart Ticketing in Europe


    A Showcase on the Worlds leading and most Innovative Technology Providers on NFC and Mobile Payments companies. Check out best mWallets, Payment Processors, RFID Cards/ Contactless Cards, NFC SIM based Solutions much more…

    Also get glimpse of future wireless and NFC Devices, Mobile Handsets, BioMetric Payments and more…

    • NFCP Agenda

      NFCP Agenda
      Where all the NFC Stakeholders Meet together.

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    • Veolia Transdev
    • EMVCo
    • ETSI Blanco
    • Telecom Italia Rete Mobile
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    • CHYP
    • Orange
    • EDC
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    • Bankinter
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